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I'm XAM (Extensible Application Messenger) is a free real time collaborative messenger application, repurposing and refining the way we communicate in the mobile space. We believe building an innovative messaging platform that bridges the gap and sets a balance between what is private, functional and social, without compromising the feel and performance of real time messaging, will give members an unparalleled experience.

There's more about

The ability to do more is missing in traditional messaging applications. Messages, especially in group chats, can easily be lost and discussion topics can easily change, making it difficult to keep up with messages exchanged, particularly those messages you show interest in. Giving members the capability to set topics, like and leave commentaries on messages will not only increase engagement, it will keep messages organized and can restart discussions on old message threads maintaining its original content. Also, sending invitations and vote messages with tracking capabilities is lacking in messaging applications. So, we decided to solve these problems by building a messaging application that transcends how we communicate.

Your messages just got smarter with I’m XAM. We encourage group chats. To get started, create a circle and add friends.

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Circle (Group Chat)

The Art of Messaging

Stay connected and stay engaged. Send Qvites and Qvotes messages, and get the best experience when you group chat with up to 1,000 friends. To get started create a circle and add friends. You can like, leave comments and share messages. As a circle owner, you can make your circle public or private.

Qme (Chat One on One)

In It's Own Niche

Besides group messaging, you can chat privately with your friends in a fun and interactive way, maintaining engagement. You can share and send Qvites and Qvote messages.

Qvites (Invitation)

Alternative to Emails and Evites

Every messaging application lets you send messages, but this one lets you send Qvites, even from the chat screens in either a group chat or One on One chat. Qvites (Quick Invitations) provide an easy way to send invitation messages. Choose from the different templates available, set reminders for each Qvite and make your appointments, events, dates, etc. official.



The moment you need it, it’s there. Use the Qvote messaging feature to make decisions. Choose from the different vote templates, set vote reminders and vote on just about anything.

Business cards

Get rid of your physical business cards and use I'm XAM personalized digital business cards. Choose from our stock of professions and share your business within I'm XAM and to other apps.

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